$500 million for green jobs training - Grant guidelines released!

Authors: ada Today, the Department of Labor (DOL) released grant guidelines for $500 million in green jobs training, including $150 million for "Pathways out of Poverty" grants! This is the money Green For All and our supporters fought hard to have included in the Recovery Act that Congress passed in February. After the bill passed with our language included, it was the DOL's turn to develop specific guidelines to determine how the funding will be distributed. According to a summary from the DOL, the Pathways out of Poverty grants will distribute $150 million to "cohesive programs that will help target populations find pathways out of poverty and into economic self‚Äźsufficiency through employment in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries... "Populations eligible to receive services include unemployed individuals, high school dropouts, individuals with criminal record and disadvantaged individuals within areas of high poverty." This boldly inclusive approach to building a green economy is precisely what Green For All has been fighting for, ever since we worked with Congress to pass the Green Jobs Act. We thank Secretary Solis for her leadership, and for the Department of Labor's commitment to lifting people out of poverty and including disadvantaged people in the benefits of a better economy. In addition to our advocacy to secure this federal funding, and the language that makes it inclusive, Green For All has been working closely with model green jobs training programs that build pathways out of poverty, through our Community of Practice program (learn more). Look out for more resources and analysis of these grants from Green For All in the near future. Find the grant guidelines and summaries on the DOL web site. More news at PR Newswire.

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