4 pillars of action

Green the building

Green the building is a national effort aimed at helping churches build sustainable energy infrastructure by providing support such as energy audits, infrastructure financing, education, and advocacy. We do this in partnership with community leaders, churches, energy companies and government agencies.


Develop Creation Stewardship

Green the Church will work with leading theologians and seminaries to develop culturally relevant theological resources for environmental teachings that will explain the church’s moral obligation to have a part in the work of environmental justice in the world.


Establish Centers for Resilience

Churches have long served as refuges for congregants to when their homes, lives, or livelihoods are at risk. We will work with church leaders from around the country to better understand the role of the church as a hub and shelter from disaster.


Foster Thought Leadership

We will identify key church leaders from across the country who are able to speak to the importance of “creation stewardship” and community resilience. Convene these leaders each year to share best practices, theological understandings and learnings that can be shared broadly.

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