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Gilbert Campbell and Antonio Francis, Volt Energy



Gilbert Campbell and Antonio Francis co-founded Volt Energy, a renewable energy firm that builds, operates, and maintains state-of the-art solar energy systems for commercial, industrial, government, and educational institutions.

Volt Energy ensures communities of color benefit from clean power by leading trainings and workshops with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to highlight clean energy career and industry opportunities. Volt Energy was recently honored by Amtrak and The Washington Wizards for making a difference in their communities.

Volt Energy applauds President Obama’s leadership on clean energy and especially with the Clean Power Plan. The president’s leadership and commitment to clean power and climate action has helped the industry create millions of jobs and become one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. As a minority-owned renewable energy firm, we also appreciate his championing of small businesses and working towards creating an inclusive green economy.There is real wealth being created in the clean energy industry and it is vital that communities of color are actively involved and also reaping the benefits. The president’s vision, leadership, and actions are all helping to achieve this but there is still a lot of work to be done. –Gilbert Campell, co-founder, Volt Energy

Our vision of a clean power future is one in which it is normal to see communities powered with renewable energy sources. We also hope that ALL members of our country, particularly minorities, women, and veterans, are benefiting from clean power in a meaningful way. We see this future becoming a reality with the president’s leadership as well as the leadership of organizations like Green For All. – Antonio Francis, co-founder, Volt Energy



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