12 champions Aisha Dorn

Aisha Dorn, Lifeline Environmental:

Creating healthier homes and jobs in Baltimore

Aisha_Dorn_1-web.pngCo-founder and CEO of Lifeline Environmental in Baltimore, Aisha creates healthier homes and employs local people. Advisory board member of the Baltimore Center for Green Careers, she advocates for green jobs for her community. She recently started The Clean House Initiative, which identifies vacant and dilapidated properties in Baltimore’s underserved communities to combat environmental hazards like lead, asbestos, and mold. The initiative also brings energy efficiency upgrades and clean power to these properties.


The Clean Power Plan will open the doors for small green businesses like ours to expand and create more jobs. It will allow Americans of all backgrounds to help fight climate change, whether it's by putting solar panels on their homes or getting a job in the energy field.





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