100,000 rally in Copenhagen for a real climate deal

Authors: ada Today an estimated 100,000 people rallied in the streets of Copenhagen for a strong and just climate deal. The rally, at the site of the international climate negotiations, was one of hundreds across the world on this global day of climate action. The rallies and vigils represent a broad and diverse group of people and NGOs across the globe calling on world leaders to agree to a "real deal" to stop the climate crisis. See more about today's rallies here: In other Copenhagen news, the team from Green For All has arrived! Unfortunately we missed the action today because of a delayed flight, but look out for more video, photos, and updates from us in the crucial final week of the conference! Our new web page on Copenhagen provides the latest news, stories, analysis, and background reading on the climate talks. Check it out and sign up for daily updates via text, email, and twitter.

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