Local Policy Resources http://www.greenforall.org daily 1 2010-02-10T21:37:25Z In Buffalo, Green For All Launches a Policy Proposal to Green the CRA http://www.greenforall.org/blog/in-buffalo-green-for-all-launches-a-policy-proposal-to-green-the-cra If you've been poking around our website lately, you have probably seen something about the convening we just hosted with PUSH Buffalo in Buffalo, New York about how the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) can help financial institutions support green jobs programs. Well, now that the convening is over, we are happy to say that it was a wonderful success. No publisher Stacy Ho, Policy Associate Local Policy State Policy 2010-07-16T04:29:01Z Blog Entry New Orleans Rally: Standing Together for a Clean Energy Future http://www.greenforall.org/blog/new-orleans-rally-standing-together-for-a-clean-energy-future As Green For All's team on the ground in New Orleans covers the unfolding Gulf Coast Catastrophe, all over the nation people are calling for a clean, green economy that makes it makes it possible for people to have dignified work that also protects their health and the health of communities. No publisher Alli Chagi-Starr Local Policy Gulf Oil 2010-05-25T18:02:45Z Blog Entry Opportunity in Disaster http://www.greenforall.org/blog/opportunity-in-disaster The recent oil spill in the Gulf Coast has added yet another challenge to the recovery in New Orleans, even though much progress has been made following the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina. No publisher John Moore Local Policy Gulf Oil 2010-05-25T18:01:40Z Blog Entry Retrofit Ramp-Up Awards Announced! $452 million for large-scale energy efficiency retrofits. http://www.greenforall.org/blog/retrofit-ramp-up-awards-announced On Wednesday, Vice President Biden got a head start on Earth Day by announcing the winners of the Recovery Act “Retrofit Ramp-Up” Awards. Congratulations to the winners of the grants, which will help bring energy efficiency retrofit projects to scale in 25 communities across the country! No publisher Ladan Sobhani Local Policy State Policy 2010-05-25T18:03:08Z Blog Entry Clean Energy Works Portland Report http://www.greenforall.org/resources/clean-energy-works-portland-report Green For All's report details why Clean Energy Works Portland has such special appeal. The program includes a revolving loan fund with innovative "on-bill financing" and a Community Workforce Agreement that creates jobs in the communities that need them most.
 No publisher ladan Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:18:20Z Resource JFYNetWorks training ranges from brownfields to green jobs http://www.greenforall.org/resources/people-programs/jfynetworks Since 1976, JFYNetWorks has helped more than 50,000 youth and adults throughout the state of Massachusetts earn high school credentials, acquire marketable job skills, and find career-ladder employment in growth industries. The community-based organization targets out-of school youth, career changers, immigrants, and the underemployed. No publisher yvonne Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:21:22Z Resource Green Cities: a Living Cities Report http://www.greenforall.org/resources/green-cities-a-living-cities-report "Green Cities: How Urban Sustainability Efforts Can and Must Drive America's Climate Change Policies." This report is an effort by Living Cities to showcase and support the innovative ways in which cities are creating an equitable green economy. No publisher elizabeth Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:22:01Z Resource California Youth Energy Services http://www.greenforall.org/resources/california-youth-energy-services Teenagers working with California Youth Energy Services are turning urban neighborhoods into greener, healthier places to live by offering residents simple energy-saving repairs and advice. No publisher Barbara Grady Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:24:52Z Resource American YouthWorks http://www.greenforall.org/resources/american-youthworks In Central Texas, where 36 percent of teens drop out of high school, American YouthWorks gives at-risk youth in Austin ’s poorest neighborhoods a second chance, offering hands-on training in green construction and conservation along with academic classes for a high school diploma. No publisher harris Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:26:56Z Resource Greencorps Chicago http://www.greenforall.org/resources/greencorps-chicago Greencorps Chicago Prepares Ex-Offenders For The Green Economy. As a program of the city government, Greencorps Chicago bridges the most economically-disadvantaged people with the nascent green economy of the region, by providing paid nine-month training programs in diverse environmental trades. No publisher harris Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:27:32Z Resource Bay Area Women Growing Green Businesses, Creating Healthy Jobs http://www.greenforall.org/resources/bay-area-women-growing-green-businesses-creating Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, WAGES (Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security) works to build worker-owned green businesses that create healthy, dignified jobs for low-income immigrant women. Over the past decade, WAGES has built three successful green‑housecleaning cooperatives that have given hundreds of women the opportunity to become financially secure, gain business skills, and lead healthier, fuller lives. No publisher yingsun Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:28:00Z Resource Building Workplace Democracy and Green Industry in the Bronx http://www.greenforall.org/resources/building-workplace-democracy-and-green-industry-in Green Worker Cooperatives has worked since 2003 to build worker-owned green industry across the South Bronx. In early 2008, after years of fundraising, education, and building ties with the local community, the organization opened its first cooperative: Rebuilder's Source, which collects and markets waste construction supplies for re-use. No publisher yingsun Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:28:44Z Resource Urban Farmers in Chicago http://www.greenforall.org/resources/people-programs/urban-farmers-in-chicago Using the context of an organic agriculture venture, Growing Home’s mission is to foster life- and job-skill training in a transitional employment program for previously incarcerated, homeless, and low-income Chicagoans. No publisher ladan Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:29:05Z Resource Newark Neighborhood Revitalization Effort Trains Green-Collar Workers http://www.greenforall.org/resources/newark-neighborhood-revitalization-effort-trains The Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) is a Community Development Corporation transforming a low-income neighborhood in Newark into an arts and cultural district. The arts and cultural district will include 300 "green" mixed-income housing units, music festivals, historic restoration projects and the Museum of African American Music. There will be over one-million square feet of development, including sixteen USGBC LEED Certified buildings and participation in the USGBC LEED-Neighborhood Development pilot program. No publisher nica Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:29:39Z Resource Chicago, A Green-Collar Jobs Pioneer http://www.greenforall.org/resources/chicago-a-green-collar-jobs-pioneer Mayor Richard Daley has declared his intention of transforming Chicago into the "the greenest city in America" - and green jobs are a key component of this effort. For the last 12 years, Chicago has administered a green-collar job training program called "GreenCorps Chicago." Over the course of 9 months, program participants - primarily ex-offenders - receive training in one of four separate tracks: landscaping and urban gardening; computer refurbishing and recycling; household hazardous waste handling; and home weatherization. While receiving training, participants give back by building community gardens or refurbishing computers for underprivileged residents. No publisher nica Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:30:07Z Resource