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2011 Coaching Class

We are excited to welcome our second class of the Business Coaching Program. Please click the categories below to learn more about our Business Coaches and Green Entrepreneurs.


Bios of 2011 Coaches

Anthony Tsai | Green Business Program Manager, Urban Solutions | more

Anthony oversees efforts to assist small businesses with “saving costs while saving the environment” by identifying conservation opportunities in the areas of energy, water, waste, toxics, and purchasing efficiency. Prior to joining Urban Solutions, he spent two years in management consulting for Fortune 100 companies where he developed and marketed new client programs. Anthony has a Masters of Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.



Barbara Wisnom, CPCC | The Third Zone Coaching | more

Barbara Wisnom is an executive and business coach, organizational development consultant, trainer and facilitator. She brings over 25 years of management experience to her work. With a focus in business-specifically, coaching executives and senior level managers- Barbara provides custom training in the areas of leadership and team development, communication skills and group facilitation.


Catherine Carmody | Declaire Associates | more

Cathy Carmody brings an energetic balance of strategic, tactical and compassionate perspectives to engage people to achieve extraordinary results. She has 25 years of experience with world class companies in health care, pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, food, and manufacturing environments. She has experience in strategic change management, training, organization development and consulting, knowledge management, and sales. She believes in the possibility of making an impact and a profit simultaneously.


Cathleen Szebrat | Principal, The O'Toole Firm | more

The O'Toole Firm helps entrepreneurs and other professionals become more innovative and resilient. My practice includes the following principles: 1. helping clients become more self-observant and reflective by identifying patterns that may block their development; 2. action learning and its emphasis on enhancing knowledge through experimentation and application to real-life challenges; and; 3. appreciative awareness to help clients identify what works as well as what needs improvement.


Charles Feltman | Insight Coaching | more

Charles Feltman founded Insight Coaching to help leaders develop and maintain the critical collaboration skills necessary to support sustainable organizations in today’s rapidly changing world. For over 20 years Charles’ work has helped leaders and organizations tap into their greatest potential by building a foundation of trust in themselves and each other that underlies great collaboration. “When trust is present powerful collaboration is possible,” Feltman explains. “When that is in place amazing things are possible.”


Cornelia Shipley | President, 3C Consulting, LLC | more

My practice is focused on assisting individuals in strategically planning their life and work so they ultimately spend their day their way. I help people clarify who they are and what matters most, create a vision and plan that engages and excites them, and ensures the accountability necessary to Carry Out their plans.

Website: and

Darryl Russell | President, The Russell Group | more

The Russell Group is a business coaching and organizational development company. Our business is designing and facilitating processes that assist our clients in the pursuit of excellence. As a result, we offer unique methods of motivation, control, evaluation and application that are aimed directly at achieving an organization's specific goals.


Denise Johnson | Johnson Mayes & Associates, Inc. | more

Denise Johnson, founder of Johnson Mayes & Associates, partners with leaders in business and non-profit organizations, who aspire to lead with agility, purpose, and passion. With increased awareness and intentionality, leaders achieve greater personal and professional impact. This impact extends to the employees and organizations who rely on leader effectiveness in executing strategy and managing talent.


Faith Halter | Founder, Insightful Transitions | more

I help leaders clarify the visions they have for their organizations and find creative new ways to realize them. As an ongoing catalyst and partner, I help to: formulate clear goals, take action to achieve high-impact, sustainable results, and promote "mindful leadership" that incorporates self-awareness and attuning to others.


Jim Persing, Professional Certified Coach | more

Jim Persing is a business and personal coach, working with professional clients throughout the country and the world on a variety of topics. Using the skills and experiences gained from both his former practice of law and his broad coaching experiences, Jim focuses on helping clients to accurately assess their current situation, devise effective strategies to move forward, and provide the needed and personalized accountability to succeed. By recognizing each challenge as an opportunity to resolve, Jim helps to bring clarity to his clients and create meaningful processes to accomplish the tasks at hand and bring personal satisfaction.


Jill MacFadyen, MSIR, AC, Certified Life Coach | more

Jill is a human resources professional and consultant, Jill has worked for several American, Japanese and German firms in a wide variety of industries--engineering, consumer products, medical devices, banking, and advertising. Jill has coached and mentored managers, directors and executives in her 20+ years as a human resources professional and as a coach.


Jim Parker, MCC | The Mentor Connection | more

Jim Parker is a professional coach, business consultant, and mentor who works one-on-one with individuals, businesses and organizations to help them adopt the best practices and develop the essential skills that will take them and/or their organization to the next level. Jim works with his clients to help them identify their unique passions and create a measurable, results-driven action plan designed to foster a thriving organization by developing more effective teams that are driven by more successful individuals.


Larry Williamson | President, Anchored Values Coaching | more

Larry is a credentialed Master Certified Coach* (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), he is president of the state chapter, and a Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) with an educational background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Larry has also served on numerous regional and national boards including; The American Society of Performance Improvement, both the North Carolina and the US Business Leadership Network, The American Society of Training and Development, and the North Carolina Association of Personnel and Business Coaches. His 25 years in corporate human resources has included responsibilities in training, leadership development, as media spokesperson, editor, crisis coordinator, safety, loss prevention, and much more.


Lisa Marshall | Principal, The Smart Work Company | more

Lisa Marshall founded The Smart Work Company to help leaders develop critical communication and collaboration skills. For twenty years, her seminars and trainings have offered executives a creative way to become more self-aware and tap into their potential through the power of story. When smart people view themselves as protagonists in a living story, Marshall explains, they begin to recognize the deeper implications behind their professional journeys.


Lynn Myhal | Principal, The Myhal Group | more

I help people who are either in transition themselves or are part of an organization in transition to successfully navigate the inevitable chaos and creative opportunities of transition. I leave clients self-correcting and self-generating, with the tools to coach themselves after our work has finished.

Mary Beth Shewan | Conscious Business Coach, Wholelife Coaching | more

I work Internationally with clients who have an Entrepreneurial Spirit. As an Entrepreneur, you are your greatest asset. Through coaching, I help clients prioritize themselves: vision, passion, values, strengths, growth, and unique success formula so they can achieve their ultimate business opportunity and love what they do everyday. It takes clarity, confidence, and consist action to make a vision a reality. I provide honest, direct feedback, and accountability in order to allow clients to become business leaders and have the positive, sustainable, impact on the world they desire.


Mike Curtis | Owner, The Coaching Mirror | more

At The Coaching Mirror, our goal is to see you reach your full aspirations. We believe everyone, without exception, can have the success they long to achieve. A professional coach and the coaching process are tools that any Individual can use to describe his or her goals, reflect upon the desired results, and identify the choices he or she will make to achieve success. Your commitment to yourself through coaching translates to improved balance between your choices, actions and outcomes.


Mike Dorman, PCC, CPCC | President, The Third Zone | more

In serving coaching clients and their business connection, Mike capitalizes on the skills acquired as a highly successful business entrepreneur. It is the combination of his personal traits that create the true uniqueness that he brings to his coaching relationships-for top management and their teams.


Paul Van Ness | Founder, Paul Van Ness and Associates | more

Paul Van Ness founded his company to help small business owners and leaders improve their business and personal success. For over twenty years, his experience interacting with leaders in small, medium, and large businesses has given him valuable insight into how successful individuals achieve their success. Paul offers clients a creative way to become more self-aware and tap into their potential through the powerful questions.


Rick Valdiserri, CPCC | The Third Zone | more

With over 25 years experience in both corporate management and non-profit management, Rick has held positions in corporate finance, strategic planning, operations, sales, product development and product management. Possessing broad-based industry experience, Rick has held executive and senior management positions in telecommunications, advertising, financial services, retail, travel and tourism. Rick coaches executives, business leaders, groups and teams, with a dedication to helping people and organizations discover possibilities and opportunities that enable them to maximize their potential. His area of specialty is coaching relationships involving business partners, individuals and organizations.


Sandra Swenson-Scott, PCC | Owner, Clear Vision Coaching | more

Sandra is dedicated to Transformational Career and Business coaching. She has over 25 years of experience as an educator, trainer, and business professional in the fields of human resource development and business management. She has been a Certified Life and Business Coach since 2002. Her mission is to assist her clients to love the work they do and to grow into the grandest vision they hold for themselves.


Shekinah Shephard, ACC, CPCC | The Third Zone | more

Shekinah has a passion for co-creating excellence and collaboration in teams and organizations. Skilled in leadership development, project management, process improvement programs drove process improvements and increased performance results at all levels. With a passion for team building and a flair for communications, and an openness to new ideas, Shekinah brings extensive experience in coaching, training and team facilitation. She has woven business leadership and coaching into a powerful facilitation style that motivates participants to achieve excellence.


Stephan Marais, PCC | Walks Beside Life Coaching | more

Stephan is a personal and executive coach in Walks Beside Life Coaching. Stephan has extensive experience in information technology management and the design of business systems and the flow and design of business operations. He holds a BS in Production Management and an MBA and is a recognized Gerontologist. During his corporate career he served as a Vice President of consulting services in the areas of finance, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, high growth, customer service and management communications.


Tonia M. Richardson, DM, LPC | more

Tonia is a highly trained and qualified professional offering 10+ years of strong and comprehensive experience in counseling and coaching, in both the private and public sectors. She is results driven with strong process orientation, adaptable to new approaches and open to constructive feedback. Tonia also has a superior history in creation and implementation of process improvements that add value to a company.


Zoë Wild, CPCC | CEO and Founder, Wild Life Coaching | more

Wild Life Coaching specializes in helping conscious entrepreneurs and individuals with a goal that will benefit the world to achieve incredible success, consistent happiness, and a deep heartfelt sense of belonging and connection. We work with individuals & businesses to achieve the success they truly desire and deserve. Through one on one coaching and group work, we are also creating a joyful community in which we endeavor together to improve the lives of all beings.



Alternative Energy Solutions | more

At Alternative Energy Solutions we provide a “whole house” approach to energy conservation. We are focused on lowering your homes carbon footprint. Rather than deal with one kind of technology, however, we achieve lower energy usage through a variety of small, affordable systems. We bring over 25 years of experience to alternative energy consulting, sales, and installation.

Green Stock Media | more

Media sells stock photos and video footage clips of environmental and sustainability issues to digital and print publishers and producers via an e-commerce website. With demand growing for environmental information on a global scale publishers need fast access to high quality imagery documenting environmental problems, sustainable solutions, and the beauty and importance of nature. We are here to fill this need with imagery for suitable for both editorial and commercial projects.

Pachamama’s Pajamas | more

Pachamama’s Pajamas is an edutainment platform that brings alive the voice of nature at a critical time for the development of human consciousness. Through comical renditions of nature’s voices and a nature’s eye view, we provide a perspective on how humanity is affecting the millions of other species and ecological systems and how each of us can change this story. Using non-human animated characters, music and humor allows much greater latitude in the urgency of the message and the likelihood of follow-up.

Christie and Associates | more

Christie and Associates is a social enterprise located in Dallas, TX. We assist small business, nonprofits, and community groups in achieving sustainable community development through education, job creation, and business development. Our priority is to strengthen and empower the communities we serve in Southern Dallas County by creating green jobs and diverse community programs that engage community members and promote sustainability.

Concept Green | more

Concept Green is a woman-owned Limited Liability Corporation based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Originally founded in 2008 as McChesney Consulting, the firm expanded its services lines and became Concept Green in 2009. Concept Green specializes in sustainability report writing, Global Reporting Initiative-certified trainings and sustainability consulting services. Concept Green has comprehensive expertise in the electric utility and healthcare sectors, and works with a range of clients, including government agencies, municipalities, large non-profits and corporations.

Construction Art | more

Construction Art, a leading alternative energy solutions provider for commercial, residential and public sectors, specializes in Green Building Technologies. Construction Art helps identify Green solutions, maximize the value of property and minimize operational costs with top quality Green Implementations and products. Construction Art takes the guess work out of evaluating the best solutions for your enterprise. Our resource development services will help you identify funding sources for your project and provide expert support in completing necessary applications.

Cooperative Energy Futures | more

Cooperative Energy Futures uses the power of community to create economic opportunity through energy efficiency. We empower people to participate in simple climate and energy solutions that work for everyone.

Earthseed Consulting LLC | more

Earthseed Consulting LLC’s vision is to reconnect people of color to the earth and inspire community transformation. Using regenerative strategies and new media approaches, we engage multiple stakeholders in the design and implementation of environmental projects aimed at communities of color.

With over 25 years of combined professional experience in the business, education and environmental sectors, we leverage our broad networks to foster collaboration and ensure success.

FrontRunner Technologies | more

FrontRunner is a clean technology integration and software development company with a focus in smart building and smart transportation applications. Front Runner hosts and integrates a unique platform of technologies including cloud, mobile and tablet applications as well as wireless mesh networking and embedded systems for the sole purpose of meeting local, national and international energy and water conservation and carbon dioxide emission reduction goals.

LightHouse Carshare | more

LightHouse Carshare provides a wide array of environmental-friendly, fuel- efficient vehicles to its market including: major metropolitan areas, corporations, and college campuses in North America and United Kingdom. We provide members access to self-service vehicles in conveniently located, reserved parking spaces in neighborhoods where members live, work, and attend school.

Gratitude Gourmet | more

Gratitude Gourmet is the place to discover gourmet foods, drinks, restaurants, farmer's markets, product deals and gifts and learn about the latest Science and Nutrition Studies. If we can change a light bulb, we can change our food practices to help our planet and our health today.

Growth Through Energy & Community Health (GTECH) Strategies | more

GTECH Strategies is a nonprofit social enterprise investing in community revitalization through green economic development initiatives. We partner with community organizations, service providers, and public agencies to develop and implement community-based projects that include vacant land management, green infrastructure, weatherization and retrofitting, deconstruction, residual waste reuse, and biofuel production. As a social enterprise, we seek new opportunities and develop joint ventures to cultivate new markets in the green economy that benefit our communities and create jobs.

Inside Out Green LLC | more

Inside Out Green LLC is a small business start-up seeking a position in the carbon footprint reduction industry. We function as a team of associates to provide consultant and technical services related to energy efficiency, alternative energy and best practices for residential, business and institutional clients. We deliver exceptional opportunities through strategic and practical advice. Our consultants combine in-depth sustainability expertise with knowledge of key public policy directives and initiatives.

Jen Pearson Design | more

I am an industrial designer. My passion and commitment is to develop new methods of design that allows users the creative freedom to be the co-authors of their own designs. I believe that through enhancing the emotional attachment through “making”, that we as consumers will have more awareness and connection toward the objects that we purchase. Jen Pearson Design is rapidly growing and can be found nationwide in Anthropologie and other retailers.

Malachite Plumbing and Heating | more

Malachite Plumbing and Heating is a solar service company located in New Mexico. Our company is locally owned and operated and has been in business in northern New Mexico since 1996. We service all cities and towns including but not limited to Santa Fe, Espanola, Las Vegas, Los Alamos, Pecos, and most surrounding areas. We specialize in solar hot water, solar space heating, solar pool heating, solar radiant heating, in-floor radiant heating, propane gas appliances, natural gas appliances, radiant heating panels, energy efficient boilers and on demand hot water heaters.

The Marin City Community Development Corporation (MCCDC) | more

MCCDC was established in 1979 to improve the economic quality of life for Marin City residents. MCCDC has developed a new social enterprise—Hire Smart Business Solutions. MCCDC will be offering Workforce Intermediary support at a competitive price point that will allow the business to increase their contracts and projects, while having workers who are ready to become regular employees once the business progresses and has the revenue for a regular hire.

One Globe Renewables | more

One Globe Renewables turns non-producing rooftops and vacant land into powerful, long-term solar assets. We navigate the complex maze of finance, warranty, installation, engineering and power purchase agreement details and break down all barriers to entry – including up-front costs. With the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) we make solar possible and profitable for our clients and investors. Our installation partner, Douglass Colony Group, is a 60-year leader in commercial rooftop, metals fabrication, engineering and solar project development.

Pathways Solar Energy Brokers | more

At Pathways Energy, we analyze our client’s energy requirements and put them on the pathway to savings through solar and energy efficiency retrofits. We are advocates helping our clients make objective energy choices without sales pressure. To that end, we have screened and work with the very best solar and energy efficiency companies throughout the Bay Area. We are compensated by our partners, not our clients.

PeopleTowels | more

PeopleTowels™ are reusable personal hand towels made from 100% organic Fair Trade cotton and printed with earth friendly dyes. These on-the-go alternatives to paper towels and air dryers reduce waste and pollution. PeopleTowels are convinced that every person can have a positive impact on the environment by making small lifestyle changes. Like reusable water bottles and cloth grocery bags, PeopleTowels are another small act with a BIG environmental impact.

The Prana Group | more

The Prana Group (TPG) provides technical and strategic sustainability consulting services to support workforce development services. We specialize in helping under-resourced institutions implement solutions by drawing upon the collective expertise in the fields of corporate social responsibility, ethical management and organizational accountability systems for municipalities. Our work is to help our clients make the leap between good intentions and long-term sustainable performance.

Primitive Pursuits | more

Primitive Pursuits of Ithaca NY offers year round, experiential, nature education. Through hands on learning practicing survival and naturalist skills we create life-long connections with nature. Our staff are passionate about what they do using time-honored mentoring techniques and cutting edge curriculum to strengthen individuals relationship with community, themselves and the natural world. For the past three years we have doubled in size enabling us to create more living wage, benefits eligible positions locally.

Pure Green Coatings | more

Pure Green CoatingsTM (PGC) is a cutting-edge enterprise in the clean technology sector. PGC is certified as a Veteran-owned, Minority-owned, Small and Economically Disadvantaged Business. PGC secures additional advantages by being a New and Emerging Cleantech Enterprise located in a Hub Zone. Our core mission is to provide holistic, sustainable, Green Health, Green Energy & Green IT Cleantech solutions that create Healthy Homes, Healthy Businesses and Healthy Vehicles in order to treat “Sick Building Syndrome.” The bottom line results in improved morale, fewer scheduling delays and increased safety.

Refugee Women's Network | more

Refugee Women’s Network is a non-profit organization located in Decatur, GA. Our goal is to help refugee and immigrant women attain economic self sufficiency through self-employment. RWN provides women with microloans, training, technical assistance and vendor opportunities to help them start, strengthen or expand their business. We promote the Green Businesses as an option to start their own business and to grow them, using their skills that they bring from their country of origin, using recycled materials and/or organic products.

Sankofa Vision, Inc. | more

Sankofa Vision, Inc. is a nonprofit cultural, arts, and educational organization based in Shreveport, LA. The organization’s central work is Sankofa Gardens, an organic community garden and two-acre learning campus located in a low-income, African American community. Sankofa Gardens is the site of youth, family, and community development programs. Sankofa Vision, Inc.’s most recent venture, GREEN CIRCLES, will establish a network of urban farms in Northwest Louisiana.

SavorSolar Catering | more

At Savorsolar Catering, we believe the best tasting food comes fresh from local and ecologically sound sources. For more than 30 years our passion for sustainable environmental practice determines our delicious menus are selected organic foods from local growers and our own flourishing garden. We provide elite artistry and are known for our exceptional service offering numerous catering options. Careful consideration of products ensures practically no waste. Solar cooking adds another dimenson of passive renewable resource.

Southland Solar | more

Southland Solar is an all inclusive solar electric installation company that works with customers from design and permitting to professional installation and rebate processing. We primarily install residential systems and small commercial PV systems. It is our aim to educate the local community about energy efficiency and sustainability. We encourage customers to retrofit their building with energy efficiency products before installing solar for maximum energy savings. | more

At, we serve the businesses that are ready to make sustainability a reality now. We provide global news and networking services to help green business grow. Rather than covering a slice of the industry, we offer visitors a unique lens on the field as a whole, covering all sectors that impact sustainabilty: renewable energy/ efficiency, green building, green investing, and organics.

Vox Energy Solutions | more

Vox Energy Solutions, located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, is a full service alternative energy provider. We design, install and maintain photovoltaic (solar), solar thermal and wind turbine systems for residential, municipality and commercial uses. Additionally, we offer Home Energy Audits for our residential customers. We have been in the alternative energy business since 2007 and our sister company, Vox Communications, has been involved in the construction end of the telecommunications industry, building wireless towers, for over 25 years in the tri-state area.

Wash Cycle Laundry | more

Wash Cycle Laundry picks up, washes, folds, and delivers laundry on bicycles. Started in Philadelphia in September 2010, we provide commercial linen service for businesses, and personal laundry service for consumers. We are looking to grow in these markets and by serving larger institutional clients. We are a triple-bottom line business: we use highly efficient wash equipment to save energy and water, biodegradable laundry detergents to protect our watershed, bicycles to eliminate carbon emissions from delivery and prove the usefulness of bicycles as intra-urban delivery vehicles. We also strive to create good jobs that will serve as launching pads for vulnerable adults into long-term career pathway.

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