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What is the approximate date of when you would like to begin your internship, and the approximate duration? Dates: Duration: Please state the number of hours per week you would be able to intern Name_____________________________ Are you in need of a stipend to make this internship possible, and if so, what is the approximate monthly compensation that you are seeking? Please note that Green for All generally does not offer financial compensation to interns. We do offer travel compensation for commuting to and from our office. Do you have other forms of financial support available for this internship (work-study, grant, etc)? Thank you for applying to intern with Green for All! Please return this application and all supporting documents as soon as possible to the email address listed on the internship posting or send via snail mail to: Green for All 1611 Telegraph Ave, Suite 600 Oakland, CA 94612 510-663-6500 IMPORTANT! You MUST include with your completed application the following supporting documents: 1. A cover letter stating why you are interested in interning at Green for All and what strengths you could bring to the organization. 2. Your resume 3. Two references and/or letters of recommendation 4. A writing sample Green for All is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strives to reflect the diverse community it serves. Applicants who contribute to this diversity are strongly encouraged to apply. 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