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I pledge to prioritize families and workers at the frontlines of pollution.

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  • Steve Loo
    endorsed 2018-12-06 02:20:26 -0800
  • Lee Gomez
    endorsed 2018-12-04 10:02:09 -0800
  • chrystal moore
    endorsed 2018-10-28 15:40:55 -0700
  • Jean Kaplan
    endorsed 2018-10-17 23:25:42 -0700
    I heard your ED speak at The Gap on the US Business Case for a Carbon Tax and was very impressed and agree with your goals. Plus I LOVE Van Jones!!!
  • chrystal moore
    endorsed 2018-10-15 13:42:55 -0700
  • Elizabeth Astor
    endorsed 2018-10-14 10:53:53 -0700
  • Dana Weintraub
    Evergreen Sustainability, LLC endorsed 2018-09-13 21:02:21 -0700
  • Carlos Frank
    endorsed 2018-08-29 05:24:14 -0700
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  • Kris Turner
    UrthKynd Farms - South Central Los Angeles endorsed 2018-08-21 19:07:51 -0700
    I have heard medical professionals predict that in low income/communities of color, we may see 1 in 1 with autoimmune disease and 1 in 3 with cancer. NOT on my watch. I thought I had to leave LA to farm, so I bought land in Oregon, and being one of very few minorities in a town of 1000, I clearly stood out. They wanted to run me out but I stayed and farmed. Now I want to take that knowledge back to LA to farm neighborhoods and lift us out of health poverty and financial poverty. I don’t have all the answers, but I believe we need more control over our food system and more control over the coming storms. Malik Yakani said that if you commit geneocide quietly over many years, no one will ever report it. This is what has happened and what will continue to happen should the food, climate and coming water injustices continue. All silent, toxic antagonists of the immune systems that build and build until we have a national crises on our hands… wait, too late, we already do. Must act now. @urthkynd insta
  • Steven Silvestro
    endorsed 2018-07-24 21:20:00 -0700