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Postcard from a Solar Rooftop

By Andrew C. Revkin
New York Times

Oakland's Solar Mosaic designed by the Ella Baker Center and Green For All are profiled in the New York Times.

Mosaic is building the world’s first online platform for people to profitably invest in solar power projects. The transition from fossil fuels to clean energy represents the largest wealth creation opportunity of our generation. Through Solar Mosaic, you can move your money from a savings account or CD that offers essentially no return into tangible solar assets that produce electricity from the sun.

People’s Grocery was one of the first projects crowd-funded through Oakland Solar Mosaic, a set of projects designed with the Ella Baker Center and Green For All to create jobs and clean energy in Oakland. Due to securities laws, People’s Grocery and our four other beta projects all operate under a zero-interest model, meaning that if you invest $1,000, you will get $1,000 back in annual installments as the solar pays back. We’re currently working with the Securities and Exchange to scale up this model and be able to offer folks a return on their investments by summer of 2012.

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