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Green For All Launches the Green Jobs Bus in Advance of Prop 23 Initiative

By RP Siegel

Today, the bus arrived in Sacramento where its participants visited the CSU Clean Tech Showcase and the Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, and learned about the Go Green Initiative which aims to make the six-county Sacramento region a leader in sustainability. They have a new clean green technology center that they hope will become a focal point. The Asian Pacific Chamber is focusing its attention on the role that small businesses can play. Chamber President Patricia Fong Kushida described a major Smart Grid initiative that is just getting under way.

Green For All, a national organization based in California, devoted to the development and expansion of the green economy, has launched a late October campaign to raise awareness about the importance of green jobs. The timing is critical because of the potential impact on the green economy if Proposition 23 should pass. This proposition, which would repeal California’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 was backed by oil companies such as Valero and Tesoro, as well as Koch Industries who put a tremendous amount of money into this campaign, and backed the effort to put this proposition on the ballot for next week’s election. Green For All claims that this proposition would put a major damper on green jobs, which have been growing briskly in California, outpacing conventional job growth by as much as ten to one. The group has put out a video that dramatizes these concerns.

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