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Good Paying Green Collar Jobs Growing in California

By Jaymi Heimbuch
Tree Hugger

Green collar jobs that pay well are getting easier to find in California, a hub for clean technology innovation and implementation.

Next 10, a not-for-profit research group in Palo Alto found that the green collar job sector rose by 10% between 2005 and 2007, while total job growth in the state of California was only at 1%, proving that green jobs are a significant factor in keeping Americans employed.

From the LA Times

"California, like the rest of the nation and world, is caught in a financial perfect storm at the same time it has committed to dramatic reductions in global warming emissions," said Doug Henton, co-founder of Collaborative Economics, a Silicon Valley firm that prepared the report for Next 10. "This [data] provides evidence that moving to cleaner and more efficient energy use must be part of the economic solution."

Besides showing that green-collar jobs are growing faster that statewide employment opportunities, the study also illustrated how clean-tech investment in the state hit a record last year, despite steep stock-market declines; that California leads the nation in patent registrations for green technology; and that efficiency measures pushed forward over the last 30 years has created 1.5 million jobs.

Everyone from researchers and scientists to installers and technicians are able to take a piece of the cleantech pie. And as the drive for energy efficiency, carbon emissions reductions, and alternative energy sources continues, more and more jobs will become available.

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