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Getting in on the Green Ground Floor

By Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins
The Root

African Americans have traditionally been last in line for America’s economic advances. The burgeoning green movement offers an opportunity to change that.

The opportunity we’ve been waiting for is finally here.

African Americans have the chance to get on the ground floor of an economic surge that could give our communities the foundation for long-term health, peace and prosperity.

And it looks like something we’ve been doing for a very, very long time—it just hasn’t been recognized.

It’s the green revolution. The word “green” should be inclusive, and not just geared toward cute animals or rain forests in faraway places.

Most of us have been mixing black and green our entire lives. We’ve all had the grandmothers planting gardens in the backyard, garnishing our dinner plates with homegrown goodness. We know about the Afrocentric herbal shops selling natural hair products, skin lotions and essential oils. I remember my favorite vegetarian soul food restaurant as a child.

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