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Florida needs to increase clean energy jobs

By Melissa Hincha-Ownby
Mother Nature Network hosted a Clean Energy Jobs Day in Florida to help promote awareness about green jobs in the Sunshine State.

When I think of the Sunshine State, I naturally think of sun (and lots of it).  Florida is a prime location for solar energy products but also wind and other clean energy installations.  Recently, hosted a Clean Energy Jobs Day in Boca Raton to discuss jobs in the renewable energy industry. 

In looking at growth in the clean jobs industry over the past decade, the nation has seen a 9.1% increase in renewable energy employment.  During this same time period, 1998-2007, Florida only realized a 7.9% growth in clean jobs.  By contrast, another sunny state, Arizona, posted a 21.3% increase in clean jobs.

Now Florida’s 7.9% growth can’t be blamed on slow job growth in the state, employment boomed during the same time period with overall job growth between 1998 and 2007 coming in at 22.4%.  Florida businesses and renewable energy advocacy organizations need to work to raise awareness about the importance of clean jobs in the state.

Although these figures came from a report by The Pew Charitable Trusts, another report looks at how an investment in clean energy can have a positive effect to the state.  Green Prosperity examines the importance of investing in clean energy economy as a way to provide a path out of poverty for millions of low-income Americans.

The report, a collaboration between the Political Economy Research Institute, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Green for All, also provides case studies on specific several Florida Congressional Districts.

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