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Environmental CEO: Green job creation, sustainability connected

By Julia Birkinbine
The Badger Herald

When students consider the green movement for increased sustainability on a nationwide scale, one advocate said job creation could play a significant role in the pursuit of more environmentally-friendly public policies.


Ellis-Lamkins further explained that one of the main struggles of modern environmental efforts is presenting a message to the public that puts an emphasis on pursuing environmentalist policies both today and in the future.

She said her current work is focusing on building a fun environmental movement that is capable of catalyzing tangible change for real people, to help the economy improve and make the future of the planet more sustainable.

Through Green for All, Ellis-Lamkins is also working to influence change by nabbing a number of partnerships with celebrities. The company is currently touring with artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Drake, Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa and Wycelf Jean to promote green efforts and educate concertgoers on the importance of creating a green economy.

“It should be fun to be an environmentalist,” she said, “People should want to be righteous and to believe in this country.”

Stacey Brochtrup, a UW sophomore, said she was compelled to attend the Earth Day lecture because she was interested in the role green jobs creation would play in the conservation movement.

Brochtrup said creating jobs in this field would prove important to winning popular support by offering citizens new, previously unexplored opportunities.

“It’s so encouraging to hear from someone so young who is making such a difference in the environmental movement,” she said.

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