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Church leaders have a powerful role to play in fighting for clean air and improved health, wealth, and opportunity for our communities. From inspiring congregants to be good stewards of the earth—to bringing energy savings directly to church buildings—pastors are key to creating a cleaner, greener world.

Here you’ll find inspiration and information to help you in your work.

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NEW: What is the Clean Power Plan?

Talking Points for Pastors

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan will protect clean air and fight climate change by limiting the amount of pollution that power plants are allowed to spew into our air. The plan will reduce asthma, create jobs, and even save families money on their utility bills. But now it's under attack from dirty energy companies.

We need your help! Please talk to your congregations about the President's plan.

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Green Sermons

"Get on board, it's going to rain" - Sermon by Reverend Ambrose Carroll 

"When it comes to environmental catastrophe, I believe that the church ought to be purposeful about hearing God speak. I am here this morning begging us as a people to slow down, to pay attention and to hear God speak.

That’s how we survived the middle passage. 
We heard God speak.
That’s how we survived 400 years of chattel slavery. 
We heard God speak.
That’s how we survived the great depression. 
We heard God speak.
That’s how we survived the housing crash. 
We heard God speak. 
That’s how we survived the recession.
We came to church this morning in order to hear God speak."

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