Dirty Diesel School Buses are Refineries on Wheels  


Over 25 million kids ride school buses that expose them to toxins and known carcinogens. Dirty diesel school buses are basically  refineries on wheels. The soot and particulate matter that spews out of them while kids line up alongside the bus waiting to board -- and the tiny particulates that enter the bus through open windows as they travel -- gets embedded deep into their lungs. This can cause severe breathing problems, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

But we can change that. In the words of our founder Van Jones, "It's hard to learn when you can't breathe...School buses should be as clean as they are safe." 

States have an opportunity to help transition dirty diesel school buses to zero-emission clean, electric buses. Volkswagen installed secret software on their vehicles to cheat federal emissions tests and pollute our air. Because of that, they now have to pay $14.7 billion to settle lawsuits. $2.7 billion of this can be used by states to invest in electric buses. 

Green For All joins the CHISPA League of Conservation Voters and partners, to call on governors to start by investing VW settlement money into clean electric school buses, especially in low income communities & communities of color where the burden of breathing dirty air is higher. Help us give create a #CleanRide4Kids. 


Pictured above: Green For All co-founder Van Jones speaking at Clean Buses for Healthy Niños campaign kick-off in Las Vegas, NV.

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