Stan Greschner, GRID Alternatives:

Bringing energy savings and jobs to low-income families, advocating for clean power for all

stanley1-web.pngStan Greschner is a vice president at the country’s largest non-profit solar installer. GRID Alternatives brings no-cost and low-cost solar to low-income families in urban, rural, suburban, and tribal communities across the country. GRID’s 5,600 solar installations are estimated to >save low-income families more than $140 million--funds they can save for food, medical costs, and education.

GRID also provides local residents job training, connecting them to careers in the booming solar industry. To ensure solar policies and programs are inclusive, Greschner works with state and federal policy makers, regulators, community groups, and partners in solar and utilities. In July, the Obama administration announced its cutting-edge initiative to expand access to solar technology and jobs to lower-income families at GRID Alternatives’ Baltimore installation site.


President Obama is committed to ensuring our country's transition to clean energy includes everyone. His administration has taken many actions to bring federal, state, private, and non-profit sector partners together to explore innovative ways to expand solar to underserved communities. All of these efforts are helping to shift the conversation about low-income solar access and jobs. Today, the discussion is focused on solutions.



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